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I can still recall when my wife and I was getting ready to welcome our firstborn in November 2002. We went to 5 places to get our baby cot, stroller and car seat among other essentials. Back then, shopping habits were still very much a touch and feel thing. Besides that, different retailers have exclusive brand rights which don't allow other distributors to sell those items. Well, for our number 1 kid, we always try to give the best (financially speaking) we can right? However, when my 2nd, 3rd & 4th babies came along, hand-me-down seem to be more of a regular thing, kind of saving both time and money. Somedays when I do think about it, I'll still feel a sense of guilt for not treating my younger ones the same (having new stuff). Sigh

Fast forward 20 years, e-commence is now 'rampant', with many individually owned brands (like us) having online presence meeting modern-day expectations. Just a heads-up, we too started as a dine-in F&B shop at United Square before our gradual transition to a now 100% online store with a commercial kitchen space. And WE ARE LOVING IT!

This brings us to a new chapter in our business. Firstly, we like to express our heartfelt thanks to you parents for allowing Petit Bowl meals in your feeding journey with your little ones. We hope you can continue to support us in growing our Blog Page! This page will share information, products or services that can be useful to the parenting community here. And it's really up to you whether you like to adopt them or not.

So, what will be your top of mind as a parents? Our guess is - for daddies, safety equipment, for mummies will be health & baby care... correct?! Add your comment below and let us have a shot of those topics! 

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