Toddlers who do not chew their food thoroughly  are usually caused by a combination of developmental and behavioral factors:  They are still developing their oral motor skills.  They may not have all their teeth yet especially the molars, which are essential for grinding food, without some teeth that can make chewing a difficult task. ...

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Celebrating the modern Dad: A heartfelt tribute to Fathers who make a difference

We are celebrating Father's Day on 16 June this year! We would like to take this opportunity to give tribute to the Fathers who made a difference.  Traditionally, fathers were seen as the providers, the ones who stepped in when something needed fixing. Mothers were responsible for the day-to-day care and a source...

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I can still recall when my wife and I was getting ready to welcome our firstborn in November 2002. We went to 5 places to get our baby cot, stroller and car seat among other essentials. Back then, shopping habits were still very much a touch and feel thing. Besides...

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