My First Beef Bolognese - 5oz
My First Beef Bolognese - 5oz

My First Beef Bolognese - 5oz

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We recommend all first-time customers to try our specially-curated meal set. This will help you discover your child's preferred taste buds before choosing individual meals. Check out our Le Bonheur Value Bundle (Babies) first.

The Meal:

Because babies' iron reserves are depleted by about 6 months, it is important to introduce iron-rich red meat like beef into your baby's diet. Our simple, salt-free Beef Bolognese combines the goodness of tomatoes and carrots to create the best texture. Also high in protein, readily absorbable iron and zinc, and vitamin A.

Ingredients: beef, tomato, carrot, celery.

Meal size: 5oz (suitable for 1 feeding)

  • For 6 mths - 1 yr
  • Fresh food from countries with trusted agricultural standards
  • No added sugar, added salt, added starch, coloring, MSG or chemical preservatives
  • Easy and fast to prepare with just simple heating
  • Store in freezer for up to 2 mths
  • Selections for preferred dietary constraints or allergy is available
  • Instructions: Simple and easy preparation via Steaming (Recommended, 20-25min) or microwaving (3-5 min)
  • Delivery Anywhere in Singapore except Ubin Island, military areas, Sentosa (island-fee applicable) and Jurong Island