Golden Pot - 5oz

Golden Pot - 5oz

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We recommend all first-time customers to try our specially-curated meal set. This will help you discover your child's taste preference before choosing individual meals. Check out our Le Bonheur Value Bundle (Babies) first.

The Meal:

This nutritious bright golden puree of sweet corns, carrots and potato is both a feast for the eyes and palate! Great source of beta carotene, B vitamins and essential minerals. 

Ingredients: sweet corn, carrot, onion, potato. 

Meal size: 5oz (suitable for 1 feeding)

* For babies from 6 months to 1 year old

* Fresh ingredients from countries with trusted agricultural standards

* No added sugar, added salt, added starch, coloring, MSG or chemical preservatives

* Store safely in freezer up to 8 weeks

* Instructions: Simple and easy preparation via Steaming (Recommended, 20-25min) or microwaving (3-5 min)