Delicious, Nutritious and Convenient. Ready-to-Eat meals for families looking to discover a sustainable balanced diet. You pick, you heat, you eat!

Meals in this category are customize-able for adults and children with daily delivery option.

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Daily Meals Subscriptions (non frozen)

- commonly known as tingkat  - Meal/s will be delivered either chilled or warm - Ready-to-eat with simple re heating - Cater to allergen - Menu to be furnished via...

Daily Delivery Frozen Meals (Hotel)

This Value Bundle is specially curated for consecutive daily delivery. It will enable you feed your babies or toddlers with fresh, delicious and wholesome meals during your stat. chilled/hot meal delivery  store in...

Customized For You Menu

Every home needs a chef but not everyone prefers a live in cook. We are your perfect solution.  We customize batch cooking according to our recipe library, including allergen concerns, salt and sugar...

Petit Bowl Gift Cards

Know friends who may enjoy our feeding solution, but not sure their child tastes preference?  Give them the gift of choice with Petit Bowl gift cards! * Gift cards are...