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With 9.9 over and 10.10 coming, most brands and retailers are ramping up their game again preparing to offer discounts and freebies hoping to cash in a little more than than the 'usual day'. Needless to say, Petit Bowl was there too, scratching our head while discussing with the team how much discounts can entice more purchases and increase our revenue. It's not easy thinking up promotions, running ads while maintaining cost low and yet ensuring profitability all at the same time. I must say it was a trying period for us. Though we have not arrived (master the technic), we have narrowed down some guidelines for our brand when running a promotion and offering discounts.

So, here are our 3 Do and Don't for Petit Bowl.

The Do:

1. We offer a loyalty program (free signup) which will automatically add up your spending and issue a $$$ savings voucher when a quantum is met. This is our way of appreciating customers who regularly use our meals as their feeding solution.

2. We have a referral program. When you're already using our meals and know of friends who may also enjoy them, send them your unique referral code and you both will enjoy $$$ savings when she/ he made the first purchase. We believe our customers are sincere in sharing our meals and we thank you for that! 

3. We offer bundles and quantity buy with straight-up savings! le bonheur which mean happiness is our best selling, and you can also select 3 or 5 of the same meal to enjoy further discounts too!

The Don't:

1. We stop riding on the waves of 9.9, 10.10, Black Friday etc. The main reason is the buying behaviour of our customers does not revolve around sales promotion.

2. We don't inflate prices and then show huge discounts to woo customers. We are sincere with our pricing, with a reasonable profit margin.

3. We have not spent much on branding/ ads, hence we don't pass on 'publicity cost' through our products to our customers. Some say that's a double-edged sword?! ... Leave your comment below.  

With that said, below are our top 3 picks for you to check out on Lazada 10.10 Sale!


1. Mama's Choice -


2. Whitening-Lab -


3. LVL -


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