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Apple & Fig Porridge

Figs are a good source of both calcium and potassium and these minerals can work together to improve bone density. And oatmeal makes a warm, tasty and highly nutritious food....

Apricot Apple & Banana Porridge - while stocks last

Give baby's metabolism a super boost with our unique porridge blend. High in vitamin A, rich in B vitamins and a good source of flavonoids an antioxidant. Together it makes a delicious, sweet...

Babies Starter Bundle (Le Bonheur) - temporarily unavailable till 26 March

We use wholesome ingredients in our preparation to cook, portion and freeze the meals. Produced in our kitchen, we are a one-stop feeding solution like a private chef in your home. ...

Blueberry & Apple Porridge

Oatmeal makes a warm, tasty and highly nutritious food for Babies. Soothing and easy to digest, oatmeal brings fibre, calcium, protein and B vitamins to a Baby's growing body. While...

Customized For You Menu

Every home needs a chef but not everyone prefers a live-in cook. We are your perfect solution.  We customize batch cooking according to our recipe library, including allergen concerns, salt, and sugar level....

Mango & Apple Porridge

Fresh mango and apple bring a natural sweetness to fruits with a high concentration of antioxidants. And oatmeal makes a warm, tasty and highly nutritious food. Soothing and easy to...