About Us

Company Overview

Petit Bowl which started in 2009 is the first homegrown company to introduce the “cook and freeze” concept of preparing food for baby and young children at a commercial level. Our product, known as “frozen solutions”, is prepared by mixing ingredients like fruits, vegetables, pasta and grains, together with fresh meat and fish without added salt, sugar or artificial flavourings into delightful and amazing combinations. These meals can immediately be consumed with simple heating or kept frozen and stored for future mealtimes.

We're a feeding solution for parents, by providing the gourmet ready meal for babies, toddlers & kids.

Our customers are mostly:

  • Parents with unforgiving long workdays that do not allow reasonable time for cooking
  • Parents whose children are going through a picky eater stage and would like to best overcome it
  • Parents with spouse going on business trip, hence the need for the other half to prepare the daily meals
  • Care-giving grandparents that would prefer a lesser load from daily cooking
  • Parents whom prefer spending time on hobbies yet ensuring wholesome meals for their children.
  • Parents who wish for alternative meals to complement domestic cook food for the little one
  • Weekend social-marathoners needing convenient well-balanced meals on the go
  • Parents going on an overseas trip with little ones, but unsure of food hygiene at eateries

In 2011, we received the 'We Welcome Family' Achiever Award from Businesses For Families Council (BFC), an initiative supported by MCYS, for demonstrating commendable family-friendly practices. We have since been accredited and now position ourselves as a Pro-Family business. We're currently expanding and will continue to serve as a healthy yet convenient feeding solution to parents in Singapore.