Swedish Meatballs - 8oz
Swedish Meatballs - 8oz

Swedish Meatballs - 8oz

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The Meal:

The famous Swedish meatballs we all love now made with a local twist, petit bowl style! Be it originated from Sweden or a recipe brought back from Turkey by King Charles XII, these meatballs are here to stay. Great source of iron and protein.

Ingredients: beef, chicken, egg, cheese, cream and fusilli pasta.

Meal size: 8oz (suitable for 1 feeding)

* For kids from 3 years old.

* Fresh ingredients from countries with trusted agricultural standards

* No added sugar, added salt, added starch, coloring, MSG or chemical preservatives

* Store safely in freezer up to 8 weeks

* Instructions: Simple and easy preparation via Steaming (Recommended, 20-25min) or microwaving (3-5 min)