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Chicken Apricot & Rice

A delicious combination of sweet apricots with herded chicken and mixed rice. Chicken Apricot & Rice has a slightly chunkier consistency than a straight puree, and is a great dish for...

Chicken Sweet Potato & Grape

Introduce Baby to chicken with this tasty puree. Chicken, sweet potato, and grape come together in a flavorsome combination that babies love. This nutritious meal is high in protein, iron,...

Chicken Casserole Rice

Chicken, lentils, veggies and mixed rice come together in a vibrant, happy and healthy mix. A great source of protein, beta-carotene, B vitamins and fibre. Ingredients: chicken, sweet potato, carrot,...

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Singapore's local favourite is made children-friendly without added salt. Great source of protein, fibre, B vitamins and essential minerals. The great-tasting chicken rice we loved, was prepared just for the...

Chicken Tofu Xiao Bai Cai

A simple home-style dish just like Grandma's cooking. Chicken and tofu supply lots of lean protein for growing kiddos. Also high in B vitamins, vitamins A, C and fibre. Ingredients: chicken,...

Spanish Paella

A traditional Spaniard favourite, this paella is a great introduction to the flavours of the Mediterranean for your little one. With chicken, prawns and lots of tasty veggies, it offers...

Noodle Doodles

Good old-fashioned chicken noodle soup makes a comforting meal for kids. High in protein, B vitamins and zinc. Ingredients: chicken, baby corn, mushroom, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, ramen. Meal size: 7oz...

Toddlers Starter Bundle (Le Bonheur) - limited!

We use wholesome ingredients in our preparation to cook, portion and freeze the meals. Produced in our kitchen, we are a one-stop feeding solution like a private chef in your home. ...

Customized For You Menu

Every home needs a chef but not everyone prefers a live-in cook. We are your perfect solution.  We customize batch cooking according to our recipe library, including allergen concerns, salt, and sugar level....