Le Bonheur Value Bundle (Tots)
Le Bonheur Value Bundle (Tots)

Le Bonheur Value Bundle (Tots)

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We source for wholesome ingredients, prepare, cook, batch and chill/ freeze the meals. Here at Petit Bowl, we are your one-stop solution like a private chef for your children, straight from our kitchen to your home. 

This bundle consist of 12 nutritionally balanced meals.

* Our kitchen prepares the dishes based on the availability of wholesome ingredients in the market, balanced mixed of Fish, Chicken, Beef and Vegetable pots. Selections for preferred dietary constraints or allergy is available

* Maximum of 2 pots per flavour

* For toddlers from 1 year old

* Fresh ingredients from countries with trusted agricultural standards

* No added sugar, added salt, added starch, colouring, MSG or chemical preservatives

* Store safely in freezer up to 8 weeks

* Instructions: Simple and easy preparation via Steaming (Recommended, 20-25min) or microwaving (3-5 min)

* Photo is for illustrations purpose