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Sole Fish Casserole Rice - 7oz

Yummy fish, mushroom and vegetables with brown rice makes a perfectly balanced, protein-packed meal for fueling busy kids. Ingredients: sole fish, mushroom, pea, carrot, potato, mixed rice. Meal size: 7oz (suitable...

Spanish Paella - 8oz

A traditional Spaniard favourite, this paella is a great introduction to the flavours of the Mediterranean for your little one. With chicken, prawn and lots of tasty veggies, it offers...

Tasty Rice with Lentils - 7oz

Lentils are a superfood packed with protein, iron, vitamin B and folate. Along with nutty mixed rice, this veggie meal is wholesome and balanced. Ingredients: lentil, spinach, mushroom, red pepper, tomato, mixed...

Tasty Trio Roots - 5oz

The name says it all. A tasty trio of root vegetables - sweet potato, carrot and parsnip. The vibrant orange color and sweet taste is a feast for baby's eyes...

Toddlers Value Bundle (Le Bonheur)

We use wholesome ingredients in our preparation to cook, portion and freeze the meals. Produced at out kitchen, we are a one-stop feeding solution like a private chef in your home. ...
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Whole Grain Crockpot - 5oz

Our unique crockpot puree is a nutritious blend of brown rice with barley with just a hint of aromatic cinnamon. This meal is a light and easy introduction of aroma to...

Zucchini Souper - 5oz

This zucchini, butternut and pea puree is a mild tasting puree. It is a good source of vitamin C, potassium and folate. A light and easy introduction of zucchini to...