Meal Planner

Our meal planner service is a customized feeding solution for your child. We understand that each family is unique and each child has different dietary needs and therefore do not provide just a generic one-size fits all. With our extensive menu, parents can be assured that their child’s nutritional requirements are met on a daily basis. Using these planners, many parents have benefited by saving time and effort in preparing meals for their children.


These planners are studied and planned by our specialist based on the variety of meals and the main nutrients each meal provides. These are the recommended nutrients for a child's weekly consumption.


Our meal planning service is is complimentary with our Best Weekly Deal or Best Monthly Deal bundle, which provides your child's meals for one week (14 pots) and one month (56 pots) respectively. You can take up our meal planner via (, or email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Over time, some parents may feed their child based on their preferred choices of food. Though fast and convenience for the adults, some of these meals repeat the same nutrients. This is when we recommend parents to use our meal planner to ensure a balanced wholesome diet for your child.

Below is an example of a 2 weeks meal planner for children 1 year and above:

1st Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lunch Macaroni Cheese Beef Casserole with Rice Chicken with Sweet Corn and Rice Salmon Superstar Multicolour Pasta Spanish Paella Cod Fish Spinach and Alphabet Pasta
(recommended serving 2 oz)
Apricot Yoghurt Blueberry Yoghurt Stawberry Yoghurt Peach Yoghurt Banana Mango Coulis Apricot Yoghurt Banana Mango Coulis
Dinner Hainanese Chicken Rice with Cabbage Tasty Rice with Lentils Minestrone Happy Lamb Spaghetti Sole Fish Casserole with Rice Cottage Pie Bolognese Capellini
2nd Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lunch Salmon with Caixin Ramen Beef Broccoli Vermicelli Dancing Ramen Pasta Risotto Cheesy and Corny Alphabet Pasta Braised Beef Barley Pot Tuna Mushroom Pasta
(recommended serving 2 oz)
Strawberry Yoghurt Peach Yoghurt Apricot Yoghurt Banana Mango Coulis Stawberry Yoghurt Apricot Yoghurt Peach Yoghurt
Dinner Penne Dreamland Creamy Chicken Penne Vegetable Curry Couscous Sole Fish Casserole with Rice Chicken Tofu Xiao Bai Cai and Rice Butternut and Orange Pasta Chicken Broccoli Pasta